4 Things that a Great Bread Baking Company Will Refuse To Do

By February 10, 2017Blog
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The best things in life are shared. Whether that be with friends or strangers. And at Great Harvest Bread Co., we create a place where good things can be shared every time you walk through our door. A great bread baking company will always provide the best baked goods using simple, quality ingredients. We’d like to think we can go a step beyond that.

What is shared is what is appreciated. When you give something to someone, especially if it is handmade, uniquely crafted, or took a good amount of time and energy, it’s like giving them a part of yourself. You have put your name on it by the fact that you are its creator. The highest estimation is placed on the things that are the product of time and care. These are two things that are the result of thought and intention and are valued by human beings beyond anything else. So when we say we are proud to share our best work with you, in the form of our handmade breads, craft coffee, beer and wine, we are serious about the quality.

There are some things a great bread baking company will just never do. Because when you put in the care and attention it takes to create what we do, you put in the effort to ensure every part of the process is of the highest quality.


1. Have a Doubtful Baking Process


Some bakeries claim to have the best baked goods, but when you look into the way they make their food it’s really just the same as everyone else. It takes a great bakery to be unique and bake with specific and fresh ingredients. That being said, a baking process that is beyond any doubt as to its quality is a rare thing. Imagine taking wheat fresh from a family-owned farm and choosing to mill it on-site for your bread. Imagine giving the bread the best and most wholesome ingredients and not worrying about the time it takes to make it, but giving it just the right amount of time. This is what Great Harvest does every day.


2. Trade Cheaper and Faster for Healthy and Tasty


Although our society has been pushing cheaper and faster production for more than a few decades now, most of us are beginning to realize that the end result is not always what we really want. The long and short of it is, we are seeing that quality really does matter. And mass-producing items isn’t all that it promises to be.

Bread is among one of the many food items that have a wide spectrum when it comes to quality. You can get the cheap and tasteless stuff almost anywhere. But a good bread baking company won’t settle for it. Rather, it’s a place where you can be assured of healthy and tasty items that are made fresh every day.


3. Provide Poor Service


Customer service is one of those areas of our lives that has suffered over time. We don’t see it as much as we used to in the marketplace anymore. It seems like the staff at most places of business just don’t care. A lot of times this is a result of lack of perspective and training on the part of the company. But a great bread making company has a different mentality.

Even though it doesn’t seem like some people acknowledge it, there is a truth in the quote:

Look after the customer and the business will take care of itself.” – Ray Kroc


4. Stop Caring


Caring is the key to success in any endeavor. Whether you are trying to fly a kite or build a space station on Mars. Because without care, things are done incorrectly, lazily, and without purpose. It’s the quality of a good bread baking company to care about the way things are accomplished, doing them with energy and passion. Pure and simple, there is nothing more customer focused than the motivation that comes with caring.

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